Bridal Trials

Usually we will schedule it 3 months before your wedding date (preferably during the week), but it will depend on your availability (and my schedule).

The important thing is to have chosen by then the wedding dress and hair accessories, so that we can see how it all works together, otherwise you might change your mind after you buy them, especially regarding the hairstyle. 

Before the trial I will ask you to send me your photo and examples of what you want in terms of hairstyle and makeup, and to tell me a little bit about your wedding style. This can happen via email, WhatsApp or we can do a video call if you prefer.

On the trial day we will discuss the remaining important details, and we will try the selected makeup and hair look. I will do your makeup and ask you for feedback (if you want to tone it down, add something or for example change the color of your lipstick). Then I will do your hairstyle and if you’re not sure what to choose we can try a few options (one up and one down for example). 

The appointment usually takes about 2 hours, so that you can be fully confident in your decisions and chosen wedding look by the end of it. I will take pictures for reference and write detailed notes including what you like or don’t like, so that on the wedding day you can just sit back and relax.

On this day I will not worry about durability or perfect finishing, especially regarding the hairstyle. The purpose of the bridal trial is to see what hairstyle shape and makeup color palette works best for you and your style and to align our vision; to determine what type of look we are going for and to get all the information perfectly clear for the wedding day.

It is important to understand that the bridal trial is meant to be a trial, not a full service. So please keep in mind that, it will not have the durability or the finishing quality of your wedding day service.

I will come to you. We can do your bridal trial in your home, hotel, parent’s house, or wherever you prefer.

It’s good to bring your wedding dress pictures and whatever hair accessories you are going to wear (veil, hair extensions, hair accessories, flowers, etc.)

Please have no makeup on and dry hair (preferably washed 1 or 2 days before).

I will need a table to put all the materials preferably next to a window so that we can have natural light, and a chair for you to seat on.

I only offer trials for the bride. For your family/guests I will ask you to send me their photos and inspiration for hair and makeup before the wedding/event so I can prepare in advance.

If someone really wants a trial (for example the mother of the bride) they can join you on your bridal trial and pay a trial fee.

Sometimes this happens (especially if the bride did a trial too soon or didn’t have the wedding dress or hair accessories with her at the time). In this case you can book a second trial. The first one is free, the second one is payed.


Please send me your request including your wedding date and location. If I’m available and you agree with all terms and conditions, you just need to make a deposit and your bridal service will be booked.

Sometimes it’s possible to make 2 weddings on the same day, if the locations are close and if there is plenty of time between the 2 ceremonies (for example, if one is at 10am and the other is at 6pm).
When it’s not possible to do both services, the date is reserved to the first bride to make the deposit.


Vanessa Marinho Makeup & Hair uses high quality, professional and luxury brands.
Skin Prep: Kiehl’s, Uriage, Lancôme, Garnier, etc.
Makeup: YSL, Lancôme, Charlotte Tilbury, Urban Decay, Bobbie Brown, MAC, Inglot, Makeup Forever, NYX, RCMA, Morphe, BH Cosmetics, L’Oréal Paris, Rimmel, Quem disse Berenice, etc.
Hair equipment and Products: GHD, Babyliss Pro, L’Oréal Professionnel, Kiehl’s, Schwarzkopf, Tresemmé, Batiste, Kérastase, Hair Tools, etc.

Yes, I do. In this case there is an increased fee.

Yes, I do but only if the bride and groom are staying at the same location and if it’s possible to accommodate this appointment together with the bridal party.

No, I am not a hairdresser, I can only style hair.

Yes, I do. Although I’m based in Lisbon I can travel throughout the country and overseas.

In case of travel throughout the country the client will need to cover traveling costs and compensation fee for traveling time.

In case of travel overseas the client will need to provide the flights, baggage allowance, accommodation, and compensation fee for loss of work during the travel time.

On the wedding day

It can vary according to the person’s skin/hair and look requested.

Usually it will take about 1 hour for family/friends’ hair and makeup and about 2 hours for the bride’s hair and makeup.

It depends on the starting time of the ceremony and type of skin/hair and look requested of the people getting the service, but usually I can do hair and makeup for 4 people including the bride.

Yes. I work on my own most of the time, but I can take with me another wonderful hairstylist to help on big weddings/events. In this case the bride must let me know asap if she has a big bridal party so I can confirm and guarantee the other professional’s availability. 

For Weekend or Holiday weddings on high season (May to September) you must book hair and makeup service for a minimum of 3 people including the bride.


Weeks before: Do a gentle exfoliation on your face once or twice a week, and hydrate your skin morning and night, preferably using products that you already know and love.

Day before: Pay special attention to your lips and hydrate them well with a lip balm or lip masque. Don’t forget your eye cream as well.

On the Day: Please have no makeup on your face whatsoever. Pay special attention to leftover mascara, dark eye pencil or leftover eyelash glue. The more I take time removing leftover makeup the less time I have, to put on your wedding makeup.


Weeks before: Take care of your hair doing nurturing masques from time to time. If you must color it (or other) make sure to schedule it in advance and have it done preferably about 10days to a week before the wedding.

Day before: wash your hair in the morning. Preferably put some volumizing mousse while your hair is still damp and let it dry naturally or use a hairdryer.

On the day: Have your hair dry (unless indicated otherwise on the wedding trial) and don’t forget to bring your hair accessories.

Yes, I’m happy to provide individual false eyelashes for the bride and the bridal party (if they want) for no additional cost. 

I provide a selection of hair accessories that you can choose from on the bridal trial.

I don’t provide any hair extensions or flowers.

If you want to wear fresh flowers on your hair you can get them from the same florist that did your bouquet.

Yes, I do. It’s a little fabric pouch with boby pins, cotton swabs, oil blotting paper, the lipstick/lipgloss I used on you and a disposable lip applicator.

In my experience most brides choose to buy their wedding day lipstick for sentimental reasons and because it’s more practical to have their own lipstick to do the touch ups later. Nevertheless, I will give you a little container in your touch up kit with the lipstick/lipgloss I used on you and a disposable lip applicator.


Yes, you may add on extra services up until the day before the wedding. In this case we just have to readjust the timetable.

On the wedding day I can do an extra service only if I have time left to spare. My advice is to make sure all the people that want the service confirm it in advance to guarantee availability and to prevent any stress or disappointment on the day.

I know wedding days can be stressful and emergencies can arise, but please make sure to arrive on time so I can guarantee you have a great service (no stress or rushing) and a fantastic end result.

If nevertheless this happens, we can change the order and start doing the hair/makeup for the people that are already there, or in case of the bride, she can leave a bit later for the ceremony, but there is not much else I can do besides trying to do what you wanted in the remaining time we have. Ultimately the less time we have, the less quality of service I can guarantee.

It will depend on the situation (if something tragic occurred for example) but usually some or all the amount agreed for the service must still be paid.


I used to work for L’Oréal Portugal as a beauty and skin specialist, store manager and team trainer for 6 years. Now I work exclusively as a freelancer makeup artist and hairstylist.

Yes, I do hair and makeup on corporate and commercial videos and photoshoots for a production company and for direct clients.

Yes, I do. Please get in touch with me and let me know what you’re thinking (group workshop, private workshop, etc.) and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I only offer hair styling workshops as a complement to the one-on-one makeup workshop.

If your questions have not been answered, or for questions relating payment and fees, please Contact me